Brand Characteristics

Relays Replacing Contactors

Relays and contactors are electrically operated switches intended for both switching of loads and controlling electrical circuits. Functionally, relays and contactors fulfill the same role in a circuit which is to provide isolation between a control circuit and an output circuit. Inherent advantages such as small size, PCB mount capability, and low cost allow engineers to replace contactors with relays in several applications.

Revolutionizing Industrial Controls with PhotoMOS® Solutions

The evolution of Industry 4.0 has created a demand to further introduce factory automation by adding more connectivity, communication, safety, and automation. These factors relating to manufacturing improvement are met through the integrations of new technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud computing to enhance the system’s capabilities.  


PhotoMOS® CC TSON 1 Form B Semiconductor Relays

Low Current and High Temperature in a Miniature Thin Slim Outline Non-lead Package 

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Relay Products, announces the PhotoMOS® CC Semiconductor Relay with a super small TSON package, an oscillation circuit, and a built-in capacitor coupled isolation driver IC. These PhotoMOS CC Relays are the latest version of this technology, which now is available as a 1 Form B, customarily closed, contact arrangement.

The Difference Between Latching and Non-Latching Relays

A latching relay is an electromechanical switch commonly selected when the operator must control (either switch off or amplify) a large amount of current flow. It will remain in the last position it was when last powered, whereas a non-latching relay will return to its typical position. While latching and non-latching relays share many similarities in design and function, their significant differences allow each type to be more suitable for separate applications.

Select Automotive Relay Parts Are Now Available Through Panasonic Franchised Distributors

Select parts from Panasonic's TB, TB Power Type, TE and TL Series Automotive Relays Are Now Available Through Panasonic Franchised Distributors!

Panasonic is a world leading Automotive Relay supplier in terms of product reliability and versatility and has a proven track record. The select Automotive Relay parts that are now available only through franchised Distributors are: