Developed from the ground up over 22 years, production of PaPIRs has exceeded 100 million units. Here we go behind the scenes of the product, which will be key to a data-driven society.

PaPIRs: Panasonic’s Passive Infrared or Pyroelectric (PIR) Motion Sensors —100+ Million Units Produced; Used by More Than 500 Companies Worldwide

In May 2022, the total production of PaPIRs—Panasonic's PIR Motion Sensors—exceeded 100 million units. PaPIRs are used widely in lighting controls, security cameras/alarms, home appliances, and many other applications. More recently, they have been used in unique ways suited to the pandemic, such as turning on displays that encourage the use of disinfectant when people walk past and turning on large displays only when motion is detected. Furthermore, with excellent compatibility with IoT technologies, the sensors can also be used to communicate the availability of meeting rooms and restaurants, as well as record in-store movement to collect large amounts of data. While the mechanisms of PIR Motion sensors themselves are relatively simple, their applications can grow greatly depending on the idea.

With an extensive line-up, PaPIRs are helping to quickly actualize customers’ ideas. The sensors are used by more than 500 companies worldwide, and their performance is acclaimed throughout the world. In this article, we interview one of PaPIRs’ developers to find out more about the product’s strengths.

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