The compact EQ-30 Adjustable Range Reflective Photoelectric Sensor is only 68 x 20 x 40mm but delivers amazing performance. Normal Reflective Type Sensors operate by sensing the variation in the amount of incident beam. However, the Adjustable Range Reflective Sensing Type Sensors, incorporate a 2-segment photodiode to sense variation in the incident beam angle. Thus, the output is activated according to the distance of the object from the Sensor. This system helps the EQ-30 Series to be unaffected by object color or a background, enabling stable sensing. The robust housing offers IP67 protection allowing the EQ-30 Sensor to be used in the most demanding industrial environments.


•Triangulation Detection Principle With 2m Sensing Range
•Two Sensing Distances Are Adjustable (EQ-34W)
•Highly Independent Of Object Color
•Background Suppression
•Automatic Cross Talk Suppression
•Compact Design
•Short-Circuit Protection
•Switchable Output Operation (Detection On/Off)
•Mounting Accessories
•M12 Connector (-J) Or Cable Type

Series PIM ID