The LS-500 Series Amplifier-Separated Type Digital Laser Sensor offers high-class Laser Sensors able to detect very small objects with a processing speed of down to 60µs. The new full stainless steel M6 housing is robust and optimally suited for applications in harsh environments. The unique controller can handle Thru-Beam, Diffuse Reflection and Retroreflection Laser Sensor heads. All Sensors are equipped with two digital outputs, and cable-type Sensors offer an additional analog output, opening new dimensions in the detection of small objects.


  • Laser Class 1
  • M6 Stainless Steel Housing For Thru-Beam Version (LS-H101)
  • IP67 Version (LS-H102)
  • Analog Output 4-20mA
  • Very Fast Processing - 60µs
  • Small Housing: 23.4 x 12 x 8.2mm
Series PIM ID