BE-A Series Optical Bubble Sensor

BE-A Series Optical Bubble Sensor For Small Diameter Tubes

Fits perfectly with applicable tube sizes!  Detects liquid and air bubbles without fail!

Features / Benefits

  • One-touch Attachment
  • For Small Diameter Tubes
  • High Speed Response Time
  • Ultra Compact
  • For A Wide Range Of Power Supply Voltages
  • Built-In Amplifier
  • Allows For Close Proximity Attachment
  • CE Approved
  • CE: EMC Directive

Automatic Liquid Handling Solutions with the BE-A Series

One-Touch Attachment

Simply attach the sensor with your hand!
Hassle-free one-touch attachment without using tools!

Push down the tube into the sensor.
Stretch the tube and insert it into the sensor.
* øø4 tube: Equivalent to flexible PVC