Panasonic offers a comprehensive lineup of high performance Photoelectric, Fiber and Laser sensors. Compact and miniature Photoelectric Sensors with easy-to-implement enclosure shapes are available with or without a built-in amplifier. Panasonic Optical / Photoelectric Sensors are ideal for reliable distance sensing applications in automation and production environments.

Panasonic’s Laser Sensors can detect opaque, translucent, and transparent objects and include self-monitoring Sensors for predictive maintenance.  IP67 Rated Photoelectric and Laser Sensors meet the needs of industrial processes.Panasonic’s digital Fiber Sensors have built-in logic functions, a high visibility display and can be used in extreme environments. Some Fiber, Laser and Pressure Sensors are IO-Link compatible for easy networking.

The Image Sensors with SmartFSI® technology developed by Panasonic achieve high sensitivity, low noise and high color reproducibility to meet the needs of many markets including security, industry, medical, broadcasting camera markets.