PAN9055/9045 is a 2.4GHz ISM band wireless radio module for implementing WLAN and Bluetooth functionality into various electronic devices. The cost-effective, low-power operation, system-on-chip (SoC) solutions enable wireless network applications to be built with low total bill-of-material costs. The radio module combines an excellent 802.11 and BT wireless radio, baseband processor and many other powerful supporting features and peripherals. MIMO 2x2 technology allows simultaneous data transmission over multiple streams using the same frequency. This results in greater range, higher throughput and is fully backwards compatible. The low-power operation is supporting deep sleep and standby modes by using the on-board power management unit. Layout design, calibration, and test efforts in production are reduced compared to discrete solutions resulting in precious advantage in terms of time-to-market. Panasonic offers a software package supporting various Fedora Core Kernel versions. The Hardware Interface Driver controls the hardware interface on the HOST side. Furthermore, the software package from MarvellĀ® consists of various applications, demonstrations and utilities.

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