The CY/SY Series SP-CAP Surface Mount Specialty Conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors provide extremely high ripple current in the range of 5100 mAr.m.s for CY Series parts and 6300 mAr.m.s for SY Series parts. The high ripple current capability ensures the parts are designed to withstand high load levels and makes the CY/SY Series SP-Caps ideal for applications such as wearable devices and network equipment. Their endurance increases ten times with a 20°C temperature drop which translates to 20,000h at 65°C allowing the Series SP-Caps to provide extremely long life when designed in. Combine all those specifications with a low ESR and only a 3mm maximum height, these Series SP-Caps are redefining the term “Specialty” Capacitor!

  • Endurance 85 ℃ 2000 h
  • Product Height (3.0 mm Max.)
  • High Ripple Current (5100 mA r.m.s. to 6300 mA r.m.s. Max.)
  • RoHS Compliance, Halogen-Free
Series PIM ID