Panasonic’s EEF-SS/ST Series SP-Cap Polymer Aluminum Capacitor is made with a layered aluminum technology that provides a lower profile and high stable capacitance at higher frequencies and temperatures. Panasonic’s SP-Caps are ideal for A/V, PC, and handheld consumer applications. These parts are well suited for applications where the Capacitor must meet very strict height restrictions.

  • Low Profile: 1.1mm Height (EEF-SS) 1.4mm Height (EEF-ST)
  • Lower ESR: Down to 6mΩ
  • Low ESL: 3 Terminal EEF-LS, EEF-LT
  • High Temp Reflow Solder Capable
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Lower Profile Opens Up Design Space
  • Safe Alternate to Tantalum Capacitors
Series PIM ID