The EEF-SR Series SP-Cap™ Polymer Aluminum Capacitors feature a low ESR down to 4.5 mΩ and a maximum height of just 1.0mm, making it a perfect match for applications that require a low PCB clearance, such as wearable electronics, servers, modems, and more. Ripple current ratings for these Capacitors range from 7.5 to 8.5 ARMS ensuring that this series can withstand high-stress levels. 

Features and Benefits of EEF-SR Capacitors

  • Maximum Height of 1.0mm
  • High Ripple Current (7.5 to 8.5 ARMS)
  • Low ESR (4.5 to 9 mΩ)
  • RoHS/REACH Compliant
  • Beneficial for Low-Clearance PCB Designs
  • Minimal Capacitance Lost to Heat
  • Can Handle High-Stress Levels
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