With A Wide Capacitance Range Of 18 to 2700 µF, The OS-CON™ SVPT Series Offers 20,000 Hours At 105°C!

Panasonic's SVPT Series is ideal for high-temperature environments combined with high endurance up to 20,000 hours. OS-CON™ Capacitors utilize aluminum and a high conductivity polymer material to offer low ESR, excellent noise reduction and ripple current capabilities. OS-CON™ parts are characterized by a long life span and minimal changes in ESR throughout the entire rated temperature range.


  • Endurance: 20,000 hours 105°C
  • Capacitance Range: 18 to 2700 µF
  • Temperature Range: -55°C to +105°C
  • Voltage Range: 2.5 V.DC To 150 V.DC
  • 15 to 24 mΩ ESR Max.
  • Halogen Free
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant


  • Highly Stable Temperature Characteristics
  • Long Lifetime at High Temperatures
  • Can Be Used Widely in Industrial Applications


  • Industrial Equipment
  • Base Station
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Server, Data Center
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