The Panasonic 20/12mm Center Space Encoder has unique features such as 360-degree endless rotation angle, rotation torque options (7 mN·m, 11 mN·m, 18 mN·m) and 9 pulses/18 points detents. This Encoder can be used with an LED for indication and has a mechanical life of thirty thousand cycles. It is suitable for applications such as car audio products (adjustment of volume, tone, tuners) and AV equipment (control of edit functions of VCRs, CD players, etc.)

Features and Benefits of 20/12mm Center Space Encoder 

  • Outer Diameter: 20 MM, Center Space Diameter: 12 MM
  • Multiple Unit Construction (Achieved By Mounting Switches, LEDs, etc.) (Center Space) On The Printed Wiring Board
  • Good operability and High Reliability
Series PIM ID