Panasonic's PhotoMOS GE 1 Form A Relay comes equipped with reinforced insulation of 5,000Vrms in a DIP6-Pin type package. This PhotoMOS Relay also features low-level analog signal control, a stable on-resistance, and a low-level off-state leakage current of max 1uA.

Features and Benefits of PhotoMOS GE 1 Form A Relay

  • Reinforced Insulation Of I/O Isolation Voltage 5,000 V
  • Controls Low-Level Analog Signals
  • Stable On-Resistance
  • Low-Level Off-State Leakage Current Of Max. 1 μA

PhotoMOS GE 1 Form A Relay - Applications

  • High-Speed Inspection Machines
  • Telephone Equipment
  • Data Communication Equipment
  • Computers
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