Panasonic's small ETQ-P4LxxxxFC Power Inductors for multi-phase DC/DC converter circuits (11.7x10.0x4.0mm max height) have high power capability (21A to 30A), low loss DC Resistance (DCR: 0.76 to 1.58mOhm) with tight DCR tolerance (+/-5% to +/-7%), suited for high switching frequency (up to 1MHZ), low audible (or buzz) noise, due to its gap-less (distributed gap) structure.

Features and Benefits

  • Small Type
  • High Power
  • Low Loss
  • Tighter DCR Tolerance
  • Suitable For High-Frequency Circuit
  • Low Buzz Noise Due To Its Gap-Less Structure
  • Shielded Construction


  • Notebook And Desktop PC Power Supply Modules
  • Servers, Routers, And DC/DC Converters For Driving CPU's
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