Panasonic's small, thin 0302 EXC 14CG, EXC 14CE Common Mode Noise Filters provide noise suppression of high-speed differential transmission lines, with little influence on waveform rounding on signal transmission. They have low DC Resistance and low Insertion Loss. High Q Value and High Impedance in the case of the EXC 14CG type. A strong multilayer, sintered structure affords excellent reflow soldering heat resistance and high mounting reliability.

Features and Benefits

  • Small And Thin (L 0.85 mm×W 0.65 mm×H 0.45 mm)
  • Noise Suppression Of High-Speed Differential Transmission Lines With Little Influence Of Waveform Rounding On Signal Transmission
  • Low DC Resistance And Low Insertion Loss
  • High-Q Value And High Impedance Of GHz Zone: EXC14CG type
  • Strong Multilayer/Sintered Structure, Excellent Reflow Resistance, And High Mounting Reliability
  • Lead, Halogen, And Antimony-Free
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Smartphones, Tablets, And Digital Still Cameras (DSC)
  • Noise Suppression Of High-Speed Differential Data Lines
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