Panasonic's Common Mode Noise Filters 0603 ECIA Case Size EXC 18CE, 18CG feature noise suppression of high-speed differential transmission lines with little influence of waveform rounding on signal transmission, low DC resistance, low insertion loss. High Q value on the high impedance of GHz zone in the case of the EXC 18GC type. Its strong multilayer sintered construction offers excellent heat resistance for reflow soldering and high mounting reliability.

Features and Benefits

  • Small And Thin Type, Two Built-In Filter Circuit(L 1.6 mm ×W 0.8 mm×H 0.4 mm)
  • Low DC Resistance And Low Insertion Loss
  • High-Q Value And High Impedance Of GHz Zone: EXC18CG type
  • Strong Multilayer/Sintered Structure, Excellent Reflow Resistance, And High Mounting Reliability
  • Lead, Halogen, And Antimony-Free
  • RoHS Compliant


  • AV Equipment
  • Information Equipment
  • Noise Suppression Of High-Speed Differential Data Lines
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