Panasonic’s PF Series Relays have been developed to comply with standards required for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) for production facilities, including reinforced insulation to satisfy EN/IEC 61810-1 standards. The PF Series Relay products can switch a 6A at 250 V AC and AC15 and DC13 inductive loads. These Relays are available in 1 Form A or 1 Form C contact arrangement with a slim footprint to allow for high-density mounting.

The PF Series features a high 4000V breakdown voltage and 6000V surge voltage to protect controllers against surges and noise.

Features and Benefits

  • Slim Size for High-Density Mounting
  • Satisfies Reinforced Insulation European Safety Standard (EN61810-1 and EN61010)
  • Supports AC15 and DC13 (inductive load)
  • EN60335-1 GWT Approved for Heat and Fire Resistance (VDE Certified)
  • Low Operating Power


  • Industrial Equipment And Office Equipment
  • Measuring Equipment And Test Equipment
  • Programmable Controller
  • Household Appliances For Europe
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