Part Number: ENW49D01AZKF

The PAN9520 Evaluation Kit is an all-inclusive and comprehensive Evaluation Kit available to support rapid prototyping with the PAN9520 Series RF Module.

The PAN9520 Series Evaluation Kit is an Arduino form factor board that has a PAN9520 Series RF Module with 4MB or 1MB of Flash memory, a 40MHz crystal oscillator, and a chip antenna onboard. The PAN9520 Series Evaluation Kit supports the Espressif Integrated Development Framework (ESP-IDF) which can be used to develop software for a wide range of applications. Also, ESP-IDF has numerous software examples which can be used to speed up application development. The PAN9520 Series supports both access and station mode for connection in most Wi-Fi applications. This Evaluation Kit comes with at least 43 programmable GPIOs that can be set for any preferable functionality such as Sensors.

PAN9520 Series Evaluation Kit Features

  • PAN9520 Series Module (4MB Flash / 2MB SRAM Variant)
  • Segger J-Link Onboard Debugger
  • FTDI UART-USB Converter
  • Arduino UNO R3 Header (Master And Slave Mode)
  • 4 User Buttons
  • 3 User LEDs
  • u.FL Connector
  • Native USB Interface
  • Camera Interface
  • Access To All Module GPIOs
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