The ER-X Series Area Ionizers utilize the pulse AC ionization design to achieve high-speed charge removal of wide surface areas for high-volume production lines.  In addition to supporting compressed air ionization, the ER-X also features both airless and low-pressure ionization modes for applications where tiny workpieces can be easily blown away.  Additional features include automatic ion balance and discharge frequency control (manual control is also possible), flat discharge surface for easy cleaning, discharge needle air barrier design to reduce contamination of the needles, replaceable discharge needle unit for easy maintenance, and a dual head configuration for enhanced charge area and layout (2 different ionizer heads can be connected to a single controller).


  • Pulse AC method for faster charge removal compared to conventional ionizers
  • Three charge removal modes for diverse application coverage
  • Automatic ion balance control
  • Simplified maintenance of discharge needles
  • Dual head configuration for enhanced charge removal area and layout expansion
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