A Lithium Ion Battery (Li-Ion) is a high energy density Battery that is widely used in the portable equipment market. It uses lithium metallic oxide in its positive electrode (cathode) and carbon material in its negative electrode (anode), and the lithium ions inside the Battery transfer between the positive electrode and the negative electrode during charge or discharge.


  • High Voltage Of 3.6V Lets You Cut Down On The Number Of Batteries You Use
  • High Energy Density Minimizes Battery Size And Weight, Making It Perfect For Use In Small Portable Equipment
  • No Metallic Lithium Is Used So Charging And Discharging Are Very Safe
  • No Memory Accumulation So It Provides A Full Charge Every Time
  • The Outer Casing In Prismatic Batteries Is An Aluminum Alloy, So Overall Battery Weight Is Lower


  • Video Cameras, Digital Still Cameras
  • Cellular Phones, PHS Phones
  • Laptop Computers
  • MP Players
  • Various Portable Equipment
  • PDAs
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